Welcome to Panama!

Gringos are passing the Central part of America! The whole big case about transporting the bike through Darien we had had just after us and suddenly it was time for exploration the “an arbitrary” second part of the journey – Central America.

The city Panama was extraordinary surprising. The huge city with skyscrapers we saw the first time riding a bike was blinking and making a big impression. The Balboa Avenue “drawn” the city like the perfect the image. The splendor and luxury climate were inviting us slowly inside the center. Suddenly we realized that the pump of glass city and its diamonds shine can be easily shaken and lost by going closer and closer into the darker side of the city. Riding further we left the luxury area and just behind modern building – the poor slums area appeared changing totally the first impression. Mix, the mix of everything there. But very astonishing.


Another dream came true! Caribbean Sea!

Once I will tell you that my favorite landscape is the sea – Lucas will tell you he prefers mountains. The difference is clear – we are various. But he is always laughing that traveling the world is worthless for us to stop by the sea, because maybe I like the water, but I am not using it – I am not swimming. And the dream was to swim in Caribbean Sea. Can you imagine his answer when I offered him to visit one of the paradise island of Kuna Jana trade district there?!

Finally after some negotiations we made it. First we stopped in small hostel on the way to the small port there and after spending the night in a hut on the tree just in the middle of the jungle thrilling and shaking being afraid of spiders – next morning we passed the independent territory.


Basically having the rule – the bike is always with us – we shouldn’t even go there. Once we said “bye” to the Donkey left alone near the office – the small boat took us on the island about one hour.

Silence, peace, azure water everywhere, white sand around, some boats somewhere in the water, coconuts on palms, fish for eating and nothing else to disturb. Look at the photo session there!


Costa Rica – when we were catching colorful parrots

The first place where you can hear the hum both oceans simultaneously! The Atlantic one is singing on one, in our case the left side, and the Pacific one you can hear on your right. Both of them prepare a breeze and you are just between them riding a narrow path called Pan-American Highway. That road has nothing to do with typical highway. In 35 degrees you are riding slowly one by one in the line sometimes jumping suddenly on unexpectable and speed bumpers.


First of all it was hot! Hot because the weather didn’t let up with the temperature and second – we have many active volcanos there I the country. Riding there you feel like a French fry fried both side. We wouldn’t have been Look around the Globe not looking for an active volcano and some extreme activities they have to offer there. Of course we are not talking about looking for turtles by the seaside or having a boat trip to the island with volcano – we wanted a real adventure. One day in the morning the first time was the occasion to see lava in the active volcano Masaya, where they let us to stay just about 15 minutes to admire. It’s  dangerous because of gases to stay there longer, so immediately we hit he road and in the afternoon we arrived to Leon – the place where you can have a sandboarding on the active volcano.

Next morning we were climbing about two hours up to reach the peak and then after installing cameras and worn blue work clothes with big glasses – there was about 2-minutes ride downhill on the wooden board having the gravel under it. The whole group landed perfectly, while I ended up badly and artistically with my face in the volcano cinder losing my glove and glasses. Luckily I had only few scratches on my face, but the accident looked so dramatic that the rest were a bit scared about my life!


One of these countries when you are talking – the small thrill of danger is rising through the back. The most dangerous country in the world…

Really? There are many dangerous places are over the world and sometimes we have the feeling that just bad turn of events or your bad behavior can cause something bad. Avoiding strange places, big cities and uncertain terrain with too many people around should help to stay calm and leave the bad occasion far away.

We did it in Honduras, choosing only rural roads we had a wonderful time there and met amazing people. And by accident riding next to the coast line we landed on the island which was similar to the one we were in Panama. 3 days full of relax on the coast totally moved us into completely different dimension, so we can’t say anything bad about Honduras. Many people we met on the way told the same – one of the best countries they have even been and spent time. And how to believe in stereotypes and all stories in the Internet?


After smoothly passing the border with our friend Jeff, the next country was Guatemala. The famous Guatemala with its Mayas ruins. Since two weeks we were riding with our American friend - Jeff, who we met in Nicaragua. The interesting story says that after some time we realized that we are riding together 56 days! Actually travelling in a group for such a long time isn’t easy, because you need to fit each other with any single habit and daily routine. We did it with Jeff without problems and one day just caught up that we are in US together at his place.

Guatemalan ruins were amazing! We discovered the ancient world full of secrets and unbelievable facts with two great guides. After the lesson of history about Mayans in Tikal, the lake Peten Itza offered us a swim inside. The bike landed in water on shore and Lucas was checking if motorcycle boots are waterproof. Probably they are but the leather after two hours inside water walking and washing the bike properly even the most waterproof ones finally would have lost their features. Additionally the high humidity didn’t help to return to the original state.  But these time the bike should be clean and nothing else mattered.



We can understand, that today we have corona, and disinfection for now isn’t really a huge astonishment, but few years ago when they caught the big lance with disinfection liquid to wash our bike, required us to stay for few minutes on a special mat to kill bacteria and finally measured us a temperature – we were totally surprised. Welcome Belize – one of the strictest country when we talk about safety and cleanliness. There wasn’t enough time to discover it, and in general the most interesting place there and the most famous one is in the ocean where we couldn’t go with our bike. Because the fact we are not good divers – together with our friend we decided to skip the Great Blue Whole and lead towards Mexico.


Yes, tacos and tortillas were waiting for us! And much more!

Stay with us!


Marta and Lucas

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